"brilliant original sound you are creating here. Exciting to hear such articulate lyrics delivered by punchy rock music...
Jericho" is superb, and I love the guitar solo on "davinci"..Tasty creativity!! ~Mike White

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Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy A poem by Apollo Craven   Tentacles tangle bangle Collide-a-scope-on-a-rope-dope wrangle. Epitome of a rectangle? Square D-flat Shiny beast hazmat Fortunate son van Dangle…   Tetri-two tittlesbee Piddle-paddle me, see? Example of a lobotomy… Circle so sharp Programmed by HARRP? Tetra-gamma rays and...

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Run For Your Life

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A Hard Fire Day

I suppose the only story worth telling about this piece is the truth. I am prone to bouts of anger sometimes. Can you put yourself in the shoes of a killer? Have you ever been so mad that you could flat out murder someone?!? I used to feel that way often, and instead of grinding a knife into another, I channeled those feelings into short poems...

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